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JANIE CODONA MBE One Voice for Travellers Limited

Janie Codona MBE is a British Romani traveler heading the England-based NGO “One Voice for Travellers” Limited.

JANIE CODONA MBE One Voice for Travellers Limited

Janie Codona MBE is a British Romani traveler heading the England-based NGO “One Voice for Travellers” Limited.

Focusing on the south east of the country, the organization’s mission is “to reduce violence and promote equality of opportunities and good relationships between Gypsy and Travellers and the settled community.”

The Roma have been in the British newspaper headlines since October 2011 when local authorities ordered the site clearance of a Romani settlement in Dale Farm, Essex. Peaceful protestors came to the aid of the Roma who were living in what was Britain’s biggest illegal traveler site. After one day of resistance on October 19 and 34 arrests to protesters for preventing the demolition of the site, the residents of Dale Farm left their homes peacefully on October 20 to face an uncertain future. Despite the major upheaval for its residents, the Dale Farm case did finally put the British Romani communities in the national and international spotlight through which more support could be gained.

Long before this development, Codona had been helping to promote equality and build friendly relationships in East Anglia and the home counties of England.
Working with all age groups, “One Voice for Travelers” is democratic in the extreme with even children under the age of 10 given their say at committee meetings.
With an exclusively female committee, the organization is strongly committed to tackling domestic abuse of girls and women.
They also endeavor to raise the self esteem and confidence of women within the community through emotional support, advocacy and community development. 

The elderly have also benefited from the organization’s work as one lady testifies on their website “‘I found out about One Voice from my daughter as she had just joined a group and was doing some work around producing a CD on Domestic Violence and I though I just had to do something my-self, I have a lot of time on my hands and its good to go along and put my point of view and have my say, and its even better that people listen to me.”

In January 2012, Janie was named in the New Years Honours list in the UK, and awarded with the Order of the British Empire, Member - better known as an MBE - for services to the Gypsy and Traveller community.

Her citation said: “She is a role model for the community and well respected by government, local government officials and service providers alike. She uses her past experiences constructively to raise awareness of the problems facing the community and seeks to build bridges.”

From the young to the old, “One Voice” is letting the Romani communities be heard in England at long last. 


21/12/2016 by caroline
Hello Janie Hope that you remember me - we went to Appleby together once. We have been contacted by a man called Peter Whear who is part of an association for Christians and Jews. They are putting on an event at the Cathedral in Norwich as part of Holocaust Memorial Day. Peter is inviting prominent members of the Gypsy Traveller communities to take part in the event. The event is on 27th Jan 2017 don't know if you would be interested in being there but wanted to let you know about it just in . Hope you are well - would love to see you sometime Best wishes Caroline
19/04/2016 by GATE Herts
Hi Janie, ive tried calling and emailing. I work Josie o'driscoll currently we are building a project locally on domestic abuse and healthy relationships in the community. could someone please get back to us., as we know you are the lead in this field. sherrie 07852 916 912
18/06/2013 by katy
I just wanted say that I read what you wrote a few years ago about Woodside and I ws moved. I am curious as to what happened in the end. I don't always keep upto date with UK news as I have been living in Romania for almost 13 years working with Roma people.
11/02/2012 by Buzsanglo
Mrs Codona, 54, was appointed as a commissioner on the Commission for Racial Equality. She is the first traveller woman to take on the position.
11/02/2012 by Anon
Janie Codona, of Marshland St James, between Wisbech and King
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