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Fatima Bergendahl

Stockholm, 27.09.2015

"Every woman has to decide alone by herself if she wants to work outside the house. It’s not like five hundred years ago, now we are in the 2000s. Here everybody can go to school, not just stay at our towns, cook for our family, and be with the kids. If we want our kids to have better future, me as a mother I think that every woman should go to school."



We are five Roma women who wish to build a movement powered by us Roma women to shape our own image and empower ourselves and our communities as we share our experiences, our view of current issues, our vision of the future. For the very first time, modern communication technologies are giving us the chance to build a virtual space for our own self-representation and make connections, wherever we are. It is up to us to speak out and be the change!

We work together to make our lives and our communities stronger! Our own strength ensures that our children can grow up healthy, ready to learn and proud.

As members, we all want:

  • to challenge centuries-old stereotypes about who we are and the image we have in the mainstream media
  • to  create a sustainable network of Roma women activists
  • to  create the conditions for effective advocacy of issues related to Roma women
  • to create a vision of the future for Roma youth which stresses the opportunities offered by social activism to increase self-empowerment and community empowerment
  • to bring current answers to the dilemma of academic success in majority societies having the potential to undermine Roma identity
  • to disseminate a complex picture of Roma history and cultural survival
  • to  bring young Roma women towards admitting to their Roma identity and ultimately increase their self-confidence
  • to expand our vision worldwide and build links with other minority women networks and organizations so we can learn from each other
  • to build bridges between the young voters, decision makers and consumers of the future, women, men, wherever we belong.
  • to make our voices heard.